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memory of light & w a v e s `

6 July
` yo dudette;
Hi, my name is Noelle Ann. Whatever. Southern California(: Unhealthy addiction to caprisun and brisk. Brisk makes me happy. I go to some school(: I make random posts, so if you have a problem with that, I'm so sorry. Please just leave. Haha. If you're a myspace friend person, hello. Make an account & add, cos I don't really want to get on myspace a lot. If you don't have me added on myspace, chances are I won't add you if you send in a friend request but you can try anyways. Music is love. I love my iPOD touch. I'm from this country called the Philippines. Therefore, I am Filipino. I'm not a princess. This ain't fairytale. I'm the one you'll sweep off her feet, lead her up a stairwell. This ain't Hollywood. This is a small town. I was a dreamer before you went and let me down. Okay bye.

` why the hell i'm here;
This journal (believe it or not) was formed out of boredom. & I like making random posts about my life so yeah. You don't have to like it. I'm not asking you to read it. If you add me as a friend, why hello(: Let's talk. I'm actually a nice person. For serious. So don't be scared. Haa. I'm sorry if you think I'm weird though. Don't worry you're not the first. My posts range from this to that. Find something we share an interest in and we'll become good friends. B]

` life just is;
I play the piano. No, I don't consider myself a good pianist. It's something I do because I love music, and enjoy playing. I collect stuffed animals. Give me one and I'll love you forever. This profile thing all in all is random. I wish I could play the guitar. I'm a writer, and I'll write this and that. I don't expect you to think I'm a good author. & Yeah, this is pretty much under construction as of like now.

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